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DJI Matrice 3TD Thermal Vision Pro for DJI Dock 2 Bundle: Enhanced Aerial Surveillance and Inspection Drone

by DJI
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Elevate Your Aerial Capabilities with DJI Matrice 3TD Thermal Vision Pro 


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The DJI Matrice 3DT Thermal, designed for seamless integration with DJI Dock 2, redefines the standards for advanced aerial inspection and surveillance. This drone combines state-of-the-art thermal imaging capabilities with high-resolution visual cameras to provide comprehensive data for a variety of professional applications.

DJI Matrice 3DT Thermal for DJI Dock 2

Key Features:

  • Advanced Thermal Imaging: Equipped with a high-resolution thermal camera, it offers precise temperature measurements and heat source detection.
  • Enhanced Visual Camera: Captures detailed imagery for inspection and surveillance in high-definition.
  • Extended Flight Time: Maximizes operational efficiency with a significantly extended battery life.
  • Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance: Incorporates an advanced sensing system for safer navigation in complex environments.
  • Precision Technology: Features an integrated RTK module for highly accurate flight and data capture.

Technical Specifications:

  • Flight Duration: Up to 50 minutes, ensuring comprehensive area coverage.
  • Operational Range: A radius of up to 10km for wide-area operations.
  • Camera Specs: Dual-camera system including thermal and high-definition visual sensors.
  • IP Rating: IP54, offering robust protection against dust and water.
DJI Matrice 3DT DJI Dock 2

What's Included:

  • DJI Matrice 3DT Aircraft
  • Thermal and Visual Cameras
  • One Intelligent Flight Batteries
  • DJI RC PLUS Remote Controller 
  • Charging Hub
  • Necessary cables and connectors

Ideal for critical missions requiring detailed thermal data and high-definition imagery, the DJI Matrice 3DT Thermal is a powerful tool for professionals across various industries.

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