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DJI Standard or Enterprise Smart Controller Alientech or 4hawks Install

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DJI Standard or Enterprise Smart Controller Alientech or 4hawks Install

Enhance the signal performance of your DJI Smart Controller or Smart Controller Enterprise with Covert Drones' Professional Install Service for Alientech or 4hawks antenna. Our expert technicians specialize in seamless antenna installations, ensuring optimal signal reception and an extended control range for your drone operations.

You need to also purchase an Alientech Duo ii Smart controller antenna


4hawks DJI Smart Controller antenna as this is a labor service only and includes no physical parts or antennas.

When you choose our professional installation service and purchase the antenna from Covert Drones, you can trust that your installation is in capable hands. Our team brings years of experience in aftermarket antenna installations, delivering precise and reliable results every time.

Additionally, we offer a 1-year warranty on both parts and labor for the installed antenna and your DJI Smart Controller or Smart Controller Enterprise. This comprehensive warranty provides you with peace of mind, ensuring that any potential issues will be promptly addressed, with repairs or replacements covered at no additional cost.

By upgrading your controller with an Alientech or 4hawks antenna through Covert Drones' professional install service, you'll unlock the true potential of your drone. Experience enhanced signal strength, reduced interference, and improved control precision, allowing you to capture stunning aerial footage and explore new horizons.

Join our community of drone enthusiasts who value exceptional quality and service. Trust Covert Drones to deliver outstanding results, offering professional antenna installations and comprehensive warranties for your DJI Smart Controller or Smart Controller Enterprise. Elevate your drone flying experience with Covert Drones' professional install service today.

Customer Reviews

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Mark Dunn (Beverly, US)
DJI Remote Control Installation

Covert Drones DJI RC installed by Luke. Was a very neat job professionally done. I have no regrets with recommending anyone to this company for great service. And the CEO of this company has great customer service skills.

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