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Autel Evo II Dual 640T Enterprise Drone: Advanced Thermal Imaging & 8K Video Capabilities

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Autel Evo II Dual 640T Enterprise Drone: Advanced Thermal Imaging & 8K Video Capabilities

Product Description:

"Discover a new dimension of aerial imaging with the Autel Evo II Dual 640T Enterprise Drone, the pinnacle of drone technology tailored for professionals. Key features include:

  • Dual-Sensor Imaging: Seamlessly switch between high-resolution 8K video and 640x512 thermal imaging, ensuring every detail is captured, from heat signatures to vivid landscapes.

  • Extended Flight Time: With up to 40 minutes of flight time on a single charge, this drone ensures you can cover expansive areas without frequent landings or battery changes.

  • AI-Enhanced Capabilities: Automated flight planning, smart tracking, and dynamic obstacle avoidance make every mission more efficient and safer.

  • Omni-Directional Obstacle Avoidance: Navigate complex environments effortlessly with 12 computer vision sensors, ensuring 360° protection and safety during flight.

  • Rugged Design: Built for challenging conditions, the Autel Evo II Dual is resistant to varying temperatures and inclement weather, offering reliability in the field.

  • Modular Payloads: A versatile tool for diverse applications. From search & rescue and structural inspections to agriculture and cinematic captures, adapt your drone to specific needs with easy-to-swap payloads.

  • Enhanced Data Security: Store data securely with 8GB of internal storage, expandable via SD, ensuring your mission-critical data is protected.

  • LiveDeck: Stream your drone's video feed in real-time, enabling command centers or clients to make instant decisions based on live data.

Professionals in search & rescue, infrastructure inspection, agriculture, and cinematography will find the Autel Evo II Dual 640T not just a drone, but an indispensable tool that redefines the possibilities of aerial operations. Elevate your projects, and witness the power of state-of-the-art aerial imaging. Secure your drone today


In the Box

(1) EVO II V3 Aircraft w/ 640T Thermal Camera
(3) Flight Batteries
(1) 7.9" Smart Controller
(4) Pairs of Propellers
(1) 110V Wall Charger
(1) 12V Car Charger
(1) Battery Charging Hub
(1) Smart Controller Charger
(1) Smart Controller Charging Cable
(1) Speaker
(1) Search Light
(1) Strobe
(1) Chest Strap
(1) Attachment Port Cover
(1) Gimbal Cover
(1) 32GB SD Card
(1) Spare Pair of Controller Sticks
(1) Hard Rugged Case



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