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Dual Band 2.4/5.8GHz Alientech Duo ii antenna (No cables) Antenna Only

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Dual Band 2.4/5.8GHz Alientech Duo ii Antenna (No Cables)

Get the most out of your DJI drone with the AlienTech Duo II Dual Band Signal Booster Antenna from Covert Drones. This powerful range extender antenna is specifically designed to:

 please note that this is the antenna only there is no install cables provided with this. You purchase this if you already have your remote modified.

  • Boost signal strength and range
  • Allow you to fly with confidence and extend the capabilities of your drone
  • Be compatible with both 2.4G and 5.8G frequencies, making it suitable for a wide range of drones

Don't let poor signal quality hold you back - upgrade to the AlienTech Duo II today and take your drone flying to new heights. With easy installation and compatibility with a variety of drones, the AlienTech Duo II is the perfect upgrade for any drone enthusiast.

When it comes to buying drone accessories, you can trust Covert Drones to provide top-quality service and support. Our team, based in the US, is dedicated to handling all of your warranty issues and troubleshooting needs, so you can make your purchase with confidence. We are committed to providing the best possible service to our customers, and we never outsource any of our dealings overseas. Choose Covert Drones and know that you're getting the best support and service available.

Product Applicable Scope

  • The ALIENTECH DUO II that 2.4G+5.8G Dual-band Signal Booster with a power amplifier, which applies to all DJI Drones' accessories, which include Mavic Pro, Mavic 1/2 pro/zoom/Mini 2/3/Air, Air 2, Air 2s /Pro, Classic /Platinum/Enterprise, Phantom 3/4 A/Advanced/Pro/V2.0/RTK, Inspire 1/2 Pro, Matrice 100/300/200/210/600 Pro, Smart controller, DJI RC, RC-N1, RC PRO, Cendence. Parrot Anafi, Autel EVO/II/PRO.
  • ALIENTECH DUO II signal booster is a fantastic, active directional antenna with two power amplifiers for a range extender, applicable to the 2.4Ghz-2.4835Ghz and 5.725Ghz-5.850Ghz frequency band. With a substantial transmission gain of 28-30dBi, and a significant receiving gain of 23-25dB, it can enhance wireless signal strength, lengthen the transmission distance and stabilize signal reception, and it supports wifi and OcuSync Protocol.
  • Real-world testing has shown that the ALIENTECH signal booster significantly improves the controllability of your drone. It can also triple the original flight range and allow you to surpass the drone's built-in power limits. In areas with interference, this booster provides excellent performance and allows for smooth control.
  • ALIENTECH DUO II booster can not only effectively stretch the signal distance of a 2.4G drone, but facilitate storing and use given its small size. The function of Quick release saves your take-off preparation time to the greatest. Inside the booster, here are two 18650@2500 mAh rechargeable lithium batteries, which can be used continuously for over 300 minutes each time.

Product Function Overview

  • This product is developed specifically for 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz frequency bands. 2.4G is compliant with the IEEE 802.11B/G/N standard and 5.8 is a bidirectional power amplifier that complies with the IEEE 802.11A/N standard. The product matches frequency spread techniques such as direct sequence (DSSS) and orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM). Using TIME DIVISION DUPLEX (TDD) fast microwave detection technology and linear power amplifier technology greatly expands the wireless RF communication distance while keeping the transmission rate of 802.11B/G/N wireless devices unchanged.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Jeffrey Bausch (Roanoke, US)
Best Service!

Quick response to questions and even faster turn-around when you need something done. Thanks Luke for your help and expertise!

Tony Weber (Mattoon, US)
You wont be disappointed!

Luke, knew exactly what we needed and got it to us overnight shipped! Booster works great and saves us a lot of trouble!

Chris Ross

Alietnech Duo II 2.4/5.8GHz Antenna - Boosted Signal Strength for DJI RC N2 (DJI Mavic Air 3) & DJI RC N1 Drone Controller

Hey Chris,

I truly appreciate you taking the time to review the antenna. It's truly been an absolute pleasure to do business, and I am stoked that you seen the results! Another true believer!

Anything I can help with dont ever hesitate to ask! Theres never an off time! Take care bud!

Tod Parker (Indianapolis, US)
New customer - great experience

Thank you for the great service!

Scott Stevenson (Niceville, US)
Not impressed with antenna

Amazing customer service! Loved the attention to detail and courtesy of the owner. Product just not as good as I was hoping in terms of increase in range.

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