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All Judge.Me Covert Drones Product Reviews

All Judge.Me Covert Drones Product Reviews 


Covers all products, collections, past products and past collections.  Only contains Verified buyers review only

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Alientech Duo II Amplified Antenna

I bought Alientech Duo II Amplified Antenna - Enhanced Signal Performance for DJI RC in this store. I was worried about not being able to pay through PayPal, because I am physically in Ukraine, but in vain. The seller sent the goods very quickly, constantly communicated and also added accessories to the antennas. I definitely recommend both the store and the product.

Awesome personalized help!

Working with the owner on multiple levels was a good thing. Fast, efficient service at a great price! Highly recommend!

missing coaxial cables for the antenna connection

My order arrived missing the antenna coaxial cables leaving me unable to do the installation.I have to wait until Monday morning to contact Covert Drones.

Alientech DUO II Dual Band 2.4/5.8GHz Antenna

I had Covert drones (Luke) install an alien tech signal booster, very happy with everything.

Really appreciate you taking the time to write this Mark. Means the world to me when I can see you call me out like that. I try my hardest to make sure that everyone is and stays happy. Without you and your hard earned money you spent with me, my business is nothing. Hope we can do more business in the future my friend.

Alientech DUO II Dual Band 2.4/5.8GHz Antenna - Enhance Your DJI Inspire 1, 2 and Matrice 600 Range & Connectivity

Appreciate you taking the time to make a review my friend! People want to see reviews that are truthful and not from a guy trying to sell them the product! So thank you so much! I am so glad its working so well for you!

New DJI RC N1 remote for Alientech Systems
Nipon Sribanpot (Orleans, US)
Modified DJI RC N 1 controller.

The unit works well. Five stars to Covert Drones.

Im stoked to see your antenna is working so well my friend! Appreciate the 5 star review! People want to see real world reviews! Not a sales guy telling them how great the product is! Thank you my friend! I hope ive earned your future repeat business!

Autel Evo ii Smart Controller Version 2 ONLY *back ordered
russell glerum (King George, US)
nice company covert drones

received my autel version ii smart controller, very satisfied customer.

New DJI RC N1 remote for Alientech Systems
Johnny Martinez (Fort Worth, US)

Pre Modified DJI Mavic Air 2, Mavic Mini 2, Mavic 3 Remote For Alientech Antenna

Alientech Duo ii 2.4/5.8G Dual band Antenna for all DJI Phantom 4 Pro/2.0 Multispectral
Sergey Pukhtinskiy (Uniondale, US)

Works great!

No complaints. Works wonderfully!

Alientech Duo ii 2.4/5.8G Dual band Antenna for all DJI Phantom 4 Pro/2.0 Multispectral
Stephen Douglas (Hawthorne, US)
Best DJI and Autel Drone Supply Store on the Planet!

The owner of Covert Drones Luke M., will take care of you every step of the way. Luke is guaranteed to offer you friendly personal customer service. The service is exceptional. Covert Drones offers an entire range of supplies and products guaranteed to improve your drones performance. I am extremely satisfied with service I have received! - Stephen D.

Autel Robotics EVO II Dual-T Standard Rugged Bundle
Robert Kocsanyi (Brooklyn, US)

Autel Robotics EVO II Dual-T Standard Rugged Bundle

Autel EVO ii 640t Enterprise Bundle
Kevin (Antioch, US)
Good Drone Fantastic Service

I purchased this for the purpose of performing aerial inspections as well as photogrammetry for my small business. Though the Drone itself suffers a bit vs DJI in terms of software handling it's honestly really good at what it does. What I cannot understate however is the fantastic Service provided by Covert Drones (Luke). I plan to eventually purchase as many items as possible exclusively from here in the future!

Autel Robotics EVO II Pro 6K Enterprise Bundle V3
Nickilous Wallace (Charlotte, US)

I love it

Alientech Duo ii 2.4/5.8G Dual band Antenna for all DJI Phantom 4 Pro/2.0 Multispectral
Customer (Minneapolis, US)
Excellent Products, Works as Advertised

The DUO II has turbo charged the transmission performance on my EVO 2 Pro V2! The distance and transmission quality is outstanding and made this a no regrets purchase. Luke, the owner, proved customer service is alive and well. He modified the stock controller the day he received it and made sure to I was dialed-in on how to use it. Definitely will turn to Covert Drones for any future drone needs! A+ all around!

Autel Nano +/Bundles
Gregory LUPINSKI (Oneida, US)
A nice addition that keeps getting better

This is a >250 drone that does what I want it to do, high quality video and pictures. I have a number of other drones, some Autel, some...the other brand. Each have their own plus and minus, IMO. Do I plan on flying it in high winds? No, nor would I with any other >250 drone. I use it for tight spots, for a quick carry with me and it does what I want. The video and flight since it's firmware upgrade have been excellent. I really like Autel's color profile. Now onto Covert Drones. What can I say, they did what they said they'd do. They responded to questions and I got the drone. They were prompt and professional, I like that and to me, it's rare nowadays. Thanks guys!

v1 or v2

Hey i was wondering could anyone tell me if this 4hawks antenna is compatible with the v2 model of the autel evo 2 or just the v1 model.

Evo II Monitor Mount for Autel Evo II Remote Tablet Holder
Derk Hatcher (Avon Park, US)
Autel tablet holder

It works...the tablet is loose, it will fall out.
Be careful !

Autel Evo ii Smart Controller Version 2 ONLY *back ordered
Don B. (Atlanta, US)
Great Improvement over the Autel Standard Controller -- Image Transmission Needs Big Improvement

Having only flown Autel platforms, I find the Smart Controller very nice and definitely not too big or heavy – as seems to be the common complaint from those use to other brands.

The Smart Controller routinely provides better turning and gimbal control than can be achieved on the regular Autel Remote controller, and the screen can clearly be seen in the brightest of sunlight.

Needing Improvement: The image transmission range of my Version 2 Smart Controller breaks up at distances my standard controller handled with no problems: the Smart Controller’s Connectivity and GPS signal strength icons show solid full- or near full-strength connectivity during these times when the image transmission totally breaks up and or freezes, thereby rendering the Smart Controller’s utility severely hampered. And should the aircraft become temporarily disconnected from the Smart Controller, it takes a minimum of 5-10 seconds longer for connectivity and useable image transmission to be reestablished than it does on the standard Remote controller. So if you’re thinking of getting the Smart Controller to fly longer distances than can be achieved with the standard Remote controller – don’t count on it no matter what the Autel specification sheet is touting.

Summary: straight out of the box, the Smart Controller has strong pros and worrisome misses. If soon-coming firmware updates can correct the aforementioned problems, I’d gladly give this unit a 5 instead of 3-stars rating.

Minor gripe: the 3-point Chest Harness strap has bare metal connectors which will most likely and quickly scratch off the paint of the Smart Controller at the connecting points. Since I've not really found a need for using the Chest Harness during any full day of flying (from daybreak to dusk), I've not bothered to gen up any additional velcro strap extenders to alleviate this problem. (Given no one is going to be showing off their Smart Controller in equivalent car show setting, but there's no use in needlessly having paint scratched off due to a design oversight.)

Titan Drones Antenna Car Mount Kit
Ronnie Black (Foley, US)
Thinking it’s illegal?

Isn’t it illegal to operate a drone from inside of a car or any other moving Vehical?

Autel Robotics EVO II FoxFury D100 Exolander Payload Instock NOW!
Murray Estes (Honolulu, US)
A little weak for a flood light for night ocean rescues but overall I love Foxfury D100

However, will buy two additional lights for autel evo pro 2 - Foxfury D3060 This should incease the night light coverage.

Thanks for all your help.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Autel Evo ii Smart Controller Alientech antenna Adapters
Paul Palomo (Sacramento, US)
AlienTech adaptors for Autel Smart Controller

Applying the SmartController adapter was easy, did have to remove one tightening lock nut on each side of SmartController connecters so AlienTech adapter would screw in completely. This helps keep AlienTech adapters locked in position with tight swivel, terrific product to secure AlienTech booster onto Autel SmartController. Definitely needed to add on an AlienTech booster to Autel SmartController, glad I went with these adapters.

Alientech Dual Frequency Signal Boosted Antennas
John Ahlering (Piscataway, US)
When you just need a simple antennae

If you upgraded the EVO controller to the extended range antennae this is the perfect solution for short range flights without the weight and hassle.

Alientech Duo ii 2.4/5.8G Dual band Antenna for all DJI Phantom 4 Pro/2.0 Multispectral
Randall Barbee (Denver, US)
Still haven't received my complete order!

I ordered this antenna on Sep 17th and as of Oct 4th have not rcvd the parts that were missing when it partially arrived on Sep 28th. Oh yeah, and I paid over $100 thus far in express shipping fees. $40 of which has since been refunded. Still pretty crazy that it takes almost a month to get something shipped from state to state, inside the U.S.

Alientech Pro 2.4G Extended Range Antenna | Multiple Drone Fitment
John Ahlering (Piscataway, US)
Noticed an increase in range

In suburban areas I get about 30-40% more range than the stock. 5 stars are for Covert drones and great customer service. They are my source for Autel products.

Excellent Product, Excellent Service

If you're considering a modified controller, my experience with both the controller and Covert Drones would suggest that you should stop reading this and click the Complete Purchase button now.